Experiencing Bizarre Dreams From The Vaccine?

As COVID vaccinations are rolling out successfully throughout the U.S., more are becoming aware of the new possible side effects after receiving your shot.

Just like other vaccines these shots may induce chills, soreness, muscle aches or even fatigue. Though social media platforms are becoming bombarded by people who claim who had experienced Weird Dreams after the COVID shot.

According to Dr. Dan Shade from the Allergy Health Network says that “The literature really doesn’t support this right now, but it’s early.” After immunization, or with a COVID infection, or just the Pandemic in general, Dr. Shade says his patients are complaining to him about an upsurge in peculiar dreams. Wondering if these dreams have an actual meaning or just an overactive imagination. Tips on how to sleep better during the pandemic.

  • dreams about space
  • increase episodes of sleep paralysis
  • flying or lucid dreaming
  • futuristic themes

Along with a lot of viral or serious illnesses, is that it really affects the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep cycle,” he explains. He doesn’t have a clear – cut explanation, but thinks it might be correlated with poor sleep from the anticipation of side effects.

People are expecting to experience common symptoms such as fever, muscle pain, headache and they’re probably not sleeping well,” he says. “The most common reason we remember dreams is our sleep is disrupted.”

Whether the immune response is having a reaction with our brain cells, it’s is way too early to say.  “We’re going to look back on the data years from now, and you know what, these dreams weren’t just PTSD, there was actually a physiologic cause for it,” says Dr. Shade.

According to CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida has also commented on this unusual side effect. Claiming that a pattern is starting to emerge of what he called some really strange side effects that can be explained but not predicated. He mentions just days after the vaccine you might experienced weird or vivid dreams.

“Flying to the moon, planting the flag on the moon,” Hnida recalled from patients. “Even somebody going out and taking Abraham Lincoln to get a Big Mac and having the staff want him to autograph the bills.”

Vivid dreams, often ones about space, are also reported as a side effect. Those include “Back To The Future” type themes filled with hovercrafts and hover cars.

At the end of the day, if you have anything unusual going on, the most important thing to know is you’re not alone and it is not a reason for concern. Certainly if you do something unusual and you are worried about it, talk to your doctor for more information.”

What is the meaning of our dreams? Since this topic is widely discussed without any sort of definite answer we can always keep an open mind and see what some of the experts think on this matter.

#1. Space Dreams

To explore outer space in our dreams could represent your inner curiosity, to explore the unconscious parts of your psyche, or the fact you could be an independent thinker.

Perhaps the reason why “space dreams” are a common theme for COVID vaccinators might suggest feeling a little spaced out. Maybe this is a dream to become more grounded as the Pandemic is finally coming to an end.

#2. Tsunamis Dreams

Why would tsunamis have anything to do with Covid-19? Analytical psychologist Carl Jung would say that since dreams like to speak to us in a metaphoric language there is nothing better than this natural disaster to bring something to our attention.

Water has been synonymous with our emotions in dreams that are often unconscious to us. The deep vast unexplored ocean connects to your hidden or repressed emotions that have finally come to the shore. Something scary has now come to the surface (consciousness).

  • defense mechanisms
  • repressed fears and anxieties
  • emotional threat or attack
  • vulnerable and insecure

Just like any unpredictable event you do not have much time to prepare. You might have felt or heard the earthquake, something rumbling from below the surface or all the way from China, and now the waiting period is over.

Similar to an earthquake or tornado, tsunamis remind us of destruction but more on a emotional unconscious level. A warning to express your feeling and emotions before they build up and cause more negativity around you.

#3. Apocalypse Dreams

Could the apocalypse occuring in your dreams have anything to do with society on a whole?  Defined as a great disaster or some sort of cosmic cataclysmic “cough cough covid” seems to reflect what might be going on in society at the moment

  • poverty
  • on going wars
  • cruelty to animals (food)
  • greed and gluttony
  • consumerism
  • mental illness


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