Coronavirus Dreams

At dream dictionary we have analyzed over thousands of dream symbols over the decades online. We have noticed a trend whenever there is an outbreak of a particular virus that can impact us globally, we seem to incorporate it in our dreams.

The new outbreak called the “Coronavirus” that causes diseases in humans, mammals, birds that carry diarrhea in other animals like cows and pigs. In humans, the virus causes respiratory infections, which are often mild, but in rare cases are potentially lethal.

Dreaming Of Virus Meaning

Similar to school shootings when news outlets or social media picks up on such events we are negatively impacted, possibly on a unconscious level. When school shooting are on the rise many concerned parents and students often dream of this occurring in there school.

Subjects that experience dreams of contracting the new Coronavirus anxiously wait for answers to find out the meaning of their dreams.

Coronavirus: Will Your Dream Come True?

Dreams often speak to us in a language that is coded in metaphors and symbols. They use themes like snake bites to warn you of enemies, or teeth falling pertaining to image or loss; with viruses might suggest something is eating you up inside.

However, when we are bombarded with current world wide events such as the new coronavirus it’s very possible the contents will sneak in your dreams.

Dreams of contracting the virus can be quite common but highly unlikely. Similar to when we watch a horror movie the night before we go to sleep we often have a vivid nightmare, or possibly the attacker coming for you.

One should approach the dream as a possible conscious or unconscious fear that is a cause for concern, but unlikely to contract. You might want to explore if you are you or your loved ones are traveling during the cold months of the year. This might be a reason why you might be having dreams of contracting this horrible virus.

Virus Dream Meaning:

  • Attack on mind, body and spirit
  • Unresolved issues effecting your psyche
  • Negative energy
  • Warning to be careful around others