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Welcome to Dream Dictionary the best choice when it comes to interpreting dreams online. They say that nothing in this world is free but we like to change that. You can post your dreams in our active online forum and have one of our experts analyze it for you.

Dreams can be very confusing at times and you might need some help decoding what some of the symbols mean and how they apply to your life. The benefits of understanding your dreams opens many doors and insights in your life.

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They say nothing is free in this world but here at dream dictionary we give you the chance to find out what is really below the surface. Did you know that our free online dream chat is answered within 24 hours by our dream expert -All of your dream meanings from A – Z would be answered.


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Do you know that the benefits of decoding your dreams are endless! In fact by connecting to your unconsciousness in the middle of the night you open a new world riddled in symbolism and images specifically designed for you.

You might think this is fake or some scam but I can assure you it will not only make you a better person but lead you on a path of personal growth and awareness – future insight and warnings. Join us in becoming a detective searching for the inner truth for what your soul truly desires.

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Everybody dreams at night, however some people may remember more than others. We lose up to 90% of our dream memory the very first 60 seconds upon waking. You may recall the majority of your dream or some might just remember a small detail. Regardless dream symbols serve a purpose to help guide, warn or inform of things that might be unconscious to you.  Find out how to interpret your dreams using ancient and biblical symbolism as we analyze dreams from our forum members.

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“A close friend of mine passed away on Memorial Day 2011. No one, besides the military, knows how he died. All it says in the obituary is that he “lost his life while on active duty”. Years ago, we had an intimate relationship. Ever since I found out he was gone, I have been having dreams about him. They come to me once a month, or once every two months.

They started out fairly simple. I would be at some elegant party, and he would show up in his tux. We’d dance then take a walk outside. He and I would stay outside talking about everything going on for a while. I would start to cry and he would wipe the tears away, and tell me not to worry. He would tell me that he loved me and always will, which was never said when he was alive, and I would wake up.

The next dream took place at a different party. Outside the building were dirt paths, foot bridges, and ivy all over. It was like some big labyrinth. He and I would be running away from guys chasing us. We’d run across one of the bridges and stop right before we got to the ivy wall. Once again, he told me he loved me and I woke up.

Those two dreams repeated over and over again for almost a year. Recently, though, I had a completely different dream. In this dream a few weeks ago, we were at a school that, for some reason, also manufactured the tackling dummies for football training. I wasn’t physically there, but it was as if my dream was a horror film. I felt like I was sitting in front of a TV watching. My friend was running through the halls of the school, being chased by a bunch of jocks I think. He ran through a set of swinging doors and came up to the machines making the tackling dummies. The jocks came through the doors, he lost his balance, and fell into a machine pouring some sort of rubber/foam concoction. I remember watching he reach out for help, and seeing the pain and agony on his face as he was suffocated”.

Dreams About Teeth:

My dream seems a little different. I can’t remember every detail but, what I can vividly remember is talking and all of a sudden my words feel like they hard to say and all of a sudden my gums start to feel Extremely tight and it feels as if I am biting down really hard, although I am trying to speak.

My chest gets tight and then my teeth starts to crack and break. Crumbling in my mouth and when I spit them out they look like little crumbs. Totally terrifying. I have had this dream several times over the last 10 years. I don’t know why and I don’t believe that I have a fear of getting old. I just turned 29 so I am good with that.

“I had a dream last night that seven of my teeth fell out and I was showing them to someone. in the same dream I was drinking and I don’t drink. I just read that it represents loss. I just found out today that my friend has been missing for the past six days. The last time I had this dreams was when a different friend went to Afghanistan. I pulled out one of my back tooth’s out and gave it to him. He asked me if it was uncomfortable and I said no, there’s more room now”.

Water Dreams:

“My dream was about an overflowing sea, I was with someone whom i cannot recall and after parting ways, I decided to take a drive down to Windhoek, Namibia. The country is about a 1000 miles from where I live in Johannesburg. When I passed the security monitoring control point, there was suddenly sea storm which pulled swayed cars if the road. My car was one of those but was still in a good condition. I stepped out and realized that my car was sill find and so were the three other cars next to mine. I noticed there was in unknown lady outside and it old that it’s better that I drove before another flash of the sea water catches up with us. I kept on asking myself that why. Did I drive to Namibia if there was no reason to, and it seemed even though am a bachelor, I felt that I should have told someone about my trip”

Cheating Dreams:

“I had a dream last night that my boyfriend and best friend had an affair. While i was in the house and taking care of my son. I turned a corner to head towards a front door and they were in the corner fooling around. When i found them, I ran crying and they were telling me that if i was a better person, this wouldn’t happen and all that stuff. so I called my sons dad (my bf is not my sons father) and asked him to come pick me up and take me to my best friends boyfriends house so i could get revenge. It started with my boyfriend, my best friend, my son, my ex and his (now ex) girlfriend hanging out, but my ex and his woman left and then it was just us 4. and it just slowly happened”.

Lucid Dreams:


Snake Dreams:

“In my dream a friend had a pet snake and I was helping to look after it. It was ivory in color and it was very playful. At first I had was afraid it would bite me as it bit my friend when she wouldn’t let it do what it wanted. The snake would speak to me although I can’t remember exactly what it said, it was along the lines of telling me about its young life, it was a happy youthful snake with a lot of energy. It liked to slither up walls and would leave slime on the walls as it slithered up toward the ceiling. This is what my friend wouldn’t let it do and when she grabbed the snake it bit her. The bite didn’t seem to bother her too much but she threw the snake down after it bit her. During the dream my friend eventually disappeared and I was alone with the snake, this is when it started to speak to me and we became friends as I was no longer afraid of the snake but felt comforted by it”.