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Author Topic: Teeth Falling Out
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Post Teeth Falling Out
on: August 11, 2017, 13:23

Ok, so for the last few nights Iv been having this same dream over and over again and if I wake up and then go back to sleep the dream comes again. In my dream I'm traveling on some kind of bus trip abroad with my husband and his parents (who I don't get along with)and a load of strangers. We go to some kind of a water park and while at this park my teeth start to fall out. I save these teeth in some kind of plastic bottle for some reason and I remember trying to show this old women these teeth that had fallen out of my mouth but every bottle I open only contains pills for pain relief. I don't know this old women, but yet I feel like she is familiar to me some how. Then it's like the dream skips and I'm suddenly on this kind of pedestal singing! Out of the corner of my eye while I'm singing I see a pregnant women getting on a water slide and I feel this over whelming sense of danger and I try to warn her but she doesn't hear me and then its like I'm suddenly seeing out of her eyes, like I am her but I'm not. The water slide is dangerously thrashing around me like its out of control and it's speeding up so rapidly. I remember feeling scared during this part of the dream. Then the dream skips again and we are all loading back onto this bus/coach, everyone is throwing away rubbish and repacking their luggage, putting it onto the coach and then climbing aboard. The coach travels along these deserted dusty roads until we reach a little town with shops and restaurants. We stop and my husband and I and his parents go into this restaurant to get a coffee and something to eat, but everything is burnt and looks disgusting. All the while this is happening, my teeth are still falling out but not as fast, then I wake up. I feel a horrible feeling in my mouth and a small amount of panic and fear. I feel like this dream means something but I cant pin point what it means and its driving me insane. What could all this mean? and why is this dream so persistent? I feel like the universe or my subconscious is trying to tell me something but I cant decipher the meaning behind it.

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