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Author Topic: Symbolic Animals Attacking/Trapped in a House Nightmare
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Post Symbolic Animals Attacking/Trapped in a House Nightmare
on: August 10, 2017, 21:37

Basically it started with a rabbit being surrounded by a ton of foxes at the far right corner of my backyard. They then closed in and attacked it, completely destroying it. While this is happened the rabbit was screaming and shouting. "Why me? I don't deserve this! Please stop!" There was way more blood, fur, and internal organs than one would expect from a single rabbit.

While the foxes were doing this a bunch of black panthers came and then attacked and destroyed all the foxes in the same manner the rabbit had been attacked, except they were mauled by multiple panthers. They saw us and started to come toward us, and I do recall the one in particular that was heading toward us had blood all over it's face, and after stumbling with the hook latch we shut the door so they couldn't come in (I have no idea who "us" pertains to, I just know it was me and a bunch of people). We hid below windows so they wouldn't see us. Someone was outside and I think they got attacked, but some woman intervened and was between the person and the panther and was shushing it and trying to soothe it. No idea if she was successful.

I'm mostly sure it was after, but not entirely. There were zombies wandering all around trying to get in. Not like undead, but rather mindless people with glazed over eyes. If they saw you you were fucked and managed to attack you or something. Only if eye contact was made, otherwise you were safe. So we went around trying to close all the blinds and curtains. Idk what triggered them to stop but I was in the kitchen and they all froze and went deadpan/vegetative state, standing and doing nothing. One girl close to the kitchen window was holding a butcher knife in her left hand up by her shoulder, elbow bent. There was a man to her left, further from the house. She looked over at me and I freaked. Closed the blinds, and that's all I remember.

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