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Author Topic: Lucid dreaming while experiencing sleep paralysis
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Post Lucid dreaming while experiencing sleep paralysis
on: May 24, 2017, 13:24

Hello all!

I found this forum after looking for some answers about a recent experience. I'm excited to see if anyone has any similar stories!

I am 24 and have had lucid dreams since I was a little girl, so I'm used to them and quite enjoy the experience.

Recently, however, I started experiencing sleep paralysis while having lucid dreams. This I do not enjoy so much.

I spent some time trying to find forums or information on the matter but the experiences I keep reading about on sleep paralysis only mention either laying in darkness awake or staring at your body unable to move or hallucinations. But what I experience aren't hallucinations, I'm lucid dreaming. It happens when I lucid dream and then decide it's time to get up but I can't open my eyes or move or speak, instead I'm just stuck in my dream world basically trying to do things that might trigger waking me. ( finally deserted to trying to kill myself knowing fully it wasn't real, but it was not an enjoyable experience).This particular time I was able to force my eyes open three separate times but was so overcome with sleepiness that I couldn't hold them open. Of course, as soon as I'd shut my eyes I was back stuck in my dream. By the time I was able to get out of bed I was more annoyed than anything but it was not pleasant.

At one point, my dream was a dream within my real dream, where I decided to find and convince the people that live with me to wake me up. So not only was I trying to wake up in the real world, I was trying to wake from a dream in my dream. I would 'wake up' from that one only to realize HA no your just in the first dream. Im not sure what eventually got me up but the forth time I managed to open my eyes I think I was just so sick of the cycle that I was able to force it.

Anyway, has anyone else experienced anything similar? Do you have any thoughts about this? Thank you for your responses!!

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Post Re: Lucid dreaming while experiencing sleep paralysis
on: June 1, 2017, 03:33

I experience similar dream and feeling quite often unfortunately. But mines a Lil different. In mine, I actually can hear what's going on round me and I try waking up, I 2 am able 2 open eyes and get glimpses of everything and everyone and I'm trying to talk, trying to tell them to shake me, or anything. Asking them wake me. And a few times gone friends that were round me would say I was doing sum weird twitch like shaking . crazy.

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Post Re: Lucid dreaming while experiencing sleep paralysis
on: October 10, 2017, 02:44

It appears your lucid dreaming is not so lucid you get older, you are starting to fall into a deeper sleep and cannot control your ability to awaken. This puts you in an awkward position because you aren't sleeping deep enough to actually get some rest, which is what your body is trying to do for you, while your conscious is trying to wake up, but you aren't lucid enough to control it. I have had this happen, too. I have also had this happen while I am ill with a fever (just another cause for this not-so-lucid dreaming). I guess the best question for you is what do you want to do? Continue to lucid dream and control it again, or learn how to get some deep sleep? For me, if i use "white noise," like a fan or dehumidifier noise, in total darkness, I can actually get deep sleep and not remember my dreams (I sometimes don't feel that rested afterwards, though), and if I fall asleep with the lights on (most of the time by accident), I can have seriously lucid dreams that I can even control, and repeat - sometimes pick up where I left off from the previous night. Different types of light (for example pink light from a Himalayan salt lamp vs. a fluorescent bulb in a table lamp) brings me different degrees of lucidity. Brighter doesn't always mean more lucid, however. I suggest changing your sleeping environment, light and noise, and see how it affects you. Good luck!

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