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Author Topic: An entire life in a dream.
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Post An entire life in a dream.
on: February 17, 2016, 19:48

This was many years ago now, but I still remember it clear as day. I was a 17 year old girl in the dream. I do not know place or people but can only describe them as 'Viking-like' though I don't believe they were Vikings. They did however sail in open air ships in which large numbers of oars could be employed for speed and maneuverability. They raided other coastal settlements for goods and occasionally slaves. As a female, the raiders/sailors life was forbidden to me, but I wanted badly to be one. I could pass as a boy of around 12, which was the youngest the crews would take, so with clever use of clothing, that's what I did. I joined a crew and sailed out to raid. I was good at it, very good. After 3 years of raiding and sailing, I had earned a fair bit of fame from my fellows as a fierce fighter and able commander, despite my apparent 'tender age', and was awarded a ship and crew of my own. The next two years continued much the same, and I changed my crew often enough that they men did not have enough time to note my apparent lack of 'male maturity' but eventually I was figured out and betrayed by my crew. I was taken before a council of old men, who decided my punishment for breaking the taboo. I was to by strapped to the prow of my ship, which was to be beached, and there to die of exposure. Just as I drew my last breath on that prow, I woke up. I have never had another dream like this, none since have been quiet so detailed. I woke up with a feeling of complete and total betrayal, and incredible desolation, and even though when I knew it was a dream I couldn't shake it. Just thinking about the dream brings back the emotions attached to it. If any of you have any comments of questions about this dream, I would like to hear them. I am curious what others thoughts would be on this dream.

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Post Re: An entire life in a dream.
on: July 20, 2017, 03:11

That's incredible. Absolutely. Find out if there is any chance that anyone in your family has any kind of Viking lineage. This sounds too real to be far-off from your genes, really beautiful and profound. Thank you!
Try 23AndMe. I know, I know, it's insanely expensive. But I tell you what -
You try it once. Your answer will be right there. If you discover any possibility that any of your ancestors may have done something like this, follow suit. Be brave. Kick ass. Believe in yourself and keep dreaming.

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