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Author Topic: Levitating Dream
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Post Levitating Dream
on: November 8, 2015, 16:02

In this dream I found myself sitting on a cushion in my room.  I closed my eyes and there was a blinding white glowing light in my minds eye.  The next thing I knew I was hovering in mid air.  I was able to observe my body and saw that I was surrounded by a colorful orb all around my being.  It seemed so strong and steady.  There was no question of its strength.  The next thing I observed was that there was nothing but clouds all around me.  It was like i was in a vortex of clouds no land was in sight.  As I went back into my dream body I began playing around with levitation.  I was sitting in cross legged position and just floating up and down with a huge grin on my face.  I was overcome with joy and serenity.  Free from all pains and doubts.  It was such a lightening experience.  As I continued to float around a loud voice echoed in the distance.  Telling me about love, and about the heightened state I was in.  There was no ego about being there just gratitude for the moment.  Eventually I thought of my body and of if I was really levitating in my room.  When i thought of that the clouds vanished and i was hovering from the ceiling of my room.  I looked down and i slowly felt my legs and feet touch the floor.  I was so happy to feel all this so deeply.  Then I woke up in my bed feeling profound peace and felt all my sorrows and worries had no bearing anymore.  Was such a great cleanse.  

Could somebody help me make a bit more sense of this dream. Would really appreciate it!

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Post Re: Levitating Dream
on: September 24, 2017, 10:07

Very interesting dream. How often do you lucid dream?

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