Taoist Wisdom For Inner Peace

An interesting video on the Taoist version of wisdom and finding inner peace. This ancient philosophy written by Lao Tzu shows us if we change our mindset and apply it to our reality you can live peacefully. It is very hard to grasp this way of living and thinking as it contradicts our western lifestyle. We have an unconscious lust for obtaining and consuming as much as we can, watching our phones and looking for the next object to conquer. It is healthy to live a lifestyle where you want to achieve certain goals, however finding the middle ground brings you closer to the Tao. Once you are able to chip away slowly towards this lifestyle you will notice the baggage in your life becomes lighter and lighter.

Four Steps To Become Close To The Tao:

  • Do not stand on your tip toes
  • Let softness over come the hard
  • Appreciate uselessness as its useful
  • Go with the flow

The Tao & Dream Symbols:

Once you understand the forgotten dream language you will know that it pulls you closer to the Tao; or Self. If you are not in accordance with the Tao the symbolism in your dream will be negative as you might be chased, attacked or drowning. You would be consumed by a bottomless void that can never fill. Once you understand in order to go with the flow you will have to let go. Once you are in accordance with the Tao your dreams will change, you will notice a pattern of easy movement, flexibility and flying.