Real or Hoax: Virgin Mary Appears

Check out this short documentary about the unprecedented apparition of the Virgin Mary in Zeitun Egypt, April 2 1968.  This shows the sighting first from Farouk Mohammed Atwa, was stationed across from St. Mary’s Coptic Church, thinking he saw a woman attempting suicide by jumping from on top of the church. As days went on the apparition was still appearing as close to 250,000 people witnessed this strange sighting.

The apparitions most frequently occurred on feast days; lasting a few minutes, however the longest was approximately 9 hours. Many witnesses recall Mary holding an olive branch, a symbol of the peace. Something else was quite odd when people started noticing luminous doves flying at night (which these birds do not normally do) and bright colors flashing (reminiscent of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima).  This followed 1 year after the loss of the war between Israel.

What makes this sighting interesting that the majority of people who witnessed this where Muslim; as the Christians made up only 15%. Skeptics  Robert Bartholomew and Erich Goode write: “It appears that the Marian observers were predisposed by religious background and social expectation to interpreting the light displays as related to the Virgin Mary.”  Pope Blessed Paul VI heard the sightings and sent people from the church to investigate. Unfortunately the Vatican could not officially comment upon the authenticity of the sightings because they occurred in an Orthodox church.

Real or Hoax? 

Virgin Mary In Dreams: 

When the Virgin Mary appears in your dream she brings a very important message with her. She will be seen with a very powerful bright light signifying purity and perfection of the higher self. A Jungian interpretation would connect with the feminine within the masculine as the highest level of selfless love, compassion, intuition. in Christianity she is accompanied by a new moon where she resonates with the concepts of purity, peace, illumination, and perfection. Many cultures have linked the moon with change and rebirth.