Lucid Dreaming Video – Ted Talk

Does anybody really understand what goes on when we dream? You can be flying one night and the other night wrestling a lion in the middle of the jungle. This video is about Tim Post and his own knowledge and personal experience on lucid dreaming. Tim an avid has coached countless individuals around the world to attain dream awareness in dreams.

Anyone who has experienced flying like superman for the night will wake up feeling like a million dollars. The only problem is trying to stay in the sky long enough before you either fall or wake up. The weightlessness feeling as the warm air is hitting your face is equivalent to ecstasy or some other drug. The good news is this is all free and everyone has the ability to control their dreams.

Post your lucid dreams at our live and active forum and discuss all the tips on how to take off. Who says you cannot be superman for the night!

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lil nas x
lil nas x
1 year ago