Dream of Cooking

Dreaming of cooking is considered a very positive omen symbolizing nourishing some aspect of your mind, body and soul. What the dreamer might not know is that cooking in you dream suggests that this has been something you have been preparing for in the past and now it’s time to obtain the rewards. The interesting … Read more

Driving In Dreams

Why you are driving in your dreams? Once you are driving in your dream it becomes a symbolic representation of your control, direction, flexibility and choices that you make in your life. The car is essentially an embodiment of the mind-body connection as it navigates towards its goals and destinations. What is interesting about driving … Read more

Baboon Dreams

What do baboons symbolize in dreams? Has the world’s largest monkey just appeared out of nowhere in your dream? Well it turns out that this isn’t just a fluke, because the baboon in your dream contains a highly symbolic meaning. The mere fact that ancient Egyptians connected the Baboon (Babi) as a deity from the … Read more

Superhero Dreams

Are you dreaming of superheroes? Just recently dreaming of superheroes is on the rise due to the influx of these movies being pumped out by Hollywood. Though, dreaming of your favorite superhero is not something new but has been a theme occurring ever since Superman appeared in the action comics in 1938. You might be … Read more

Dreams about Digging

Are you dreaming of digging? There are a wide variety of reasons for which humans dig holes, trenches, and other subsurface structures. But in our dreams digging represents something totally different, in fact it has more to do with digging up the past that has been metaphorically buried. But this is not the case with … Read more