Werewolf Dreams

Similar to the portrayal in  literature, folklore and films, werewolves appear the same in our dreams. You know these harry, shapeshifting beasts, usually comprising of half human half wolf with extraordinary superpowers. The werewolf loves nothing more than to chase the dreamer until a point they end up attacking or biting them. The lack of … Read more

Dreaming Of Uncle

Are you dreaming of your uncle? In dreams your uncle may appear to represent a masculine role model that has played a vital role in your life. Uncles provide a unique type of love and create memories for all to enjoy for a lifetime. The dreamer may seem them as a second dad in their lives. … Read more

Dreaming About My Aunt

Symbolic meaning of aunt dreams The meaning of dreaming of your aunt all depends on your relationship you have with her or if she has passed on. In most cases dreaming of your aunt represents protection, feminine energy, protectiveness and a supporting nourishing figure. Now the trick in determining what was the reason why she … Read more

Cloaked Figure Dreams

Dreaming of a black hooded figure with no face? There seems to be a trend on the rise lately of a black hooded or cloaked figure chasing us in our dreams and we think we understand the meaning. Unfortunately if you had the chance of encountering these entities in your dream you may have noticed … Read more

Dreaming Of Beans

Did you just dream about beans? Considered yourself lucky if you had a dream about beans. The average dreamer probably wouldn’t know the true significance of the meaning of the bean, but these powerful symbols point to immortality, growth and psychic power. The spiritual meanings of the beans in dreams all come from the fact … Read more