Dreaming of Shooting Stars

When you saw a shooting star in your dream it has come to you for a reason. A shooting star is a common name for the visible part of small dust or rocks from space, as it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere while burning up, why we call it “a shooting star.” So why are … Read more

Dream Dictionary – Dream Interpretation & Dream Analysis

Common Dreams Heights Dreams Heights Dreams Teeth Dreams Teeth Dreams Gifts from The Dead Gifts from The Dead Old Friend Dreams Old Friend Dreams Ear Dreams Ear Dreams Celebrity Dreams Celebrity Dreams Cellphone Dreams Cellphone Dreams Flower Dreams Flower Dreams Flying Dreams Flying Dreams Ring Dreams Ring Dreams Dream Dictionary provides a Free Online Dream … Read more

Geometric Shapes Dreams

The earliest recorded beginnings of Geometry was found in ancient Mesopotamia 3000 BCE or modern day Iraq that was comprised of obtuse triangles. For thousands of years geometric shapes such as Triangles, Circles, Squares, Spirals and Stars have been a major part of human religious symbolism.  In our dreams geometric shapes are considered highly symbolic due … Read more

Star Symbolism

When American astronomer Carl Sagan mentioned that “we’re made of star stuff,” he wasn’t being metaphoric or joking around. He was simply implying—in his uniquely precise and poetic way—that the raw materials that are comprised in our physical bodies were once all forged in the bellies of distant, long-extinguished stars. The star is a symbol that … Read more

Triangle Symbolism

The simple three sided shape contains very powerful spiritual elements relating to manifestation, higher consciousness, revelation and enlightenment. The triangle commonly makes it’s appearance in visions, dreams, religion, deep meditative or psychedelic states, and also found in sacred geometry. The image that appears so frequently time and time again, one often ponders what could be … Read more