Lake Dream Meaning

Lake dream meaning Anytime water appears in our dreams whether it be a large body such as an ocean, or something as small as your neighbourhood pool — the iconic image of water points towards the dreamers emotions. Unlike the vast ocean in our dreams that bridges the unconscious conscious emotions, the lake however contains … Read more

Meaning of Clouds

Often times when clouds emerge in your dreams they symbolize the mood of the dreamer. The appearance of the clouds, colors and the events that surround them can alter the meaning of your dream. These are symbols that can reflect feeling of melancholy or happiness and joy. Profound dreams often encompass a God inside the … Read more

Dreaming of Snow

Snow is defined as ‘solid precipitation which happens  in a variety of minute ice crystals at temperatures well below 0 °C. but as larger snowflakes at temperatures near 0 °C.’ Why would this be relevant in your dream? If you think about snow appears when it is cold. Our dreams provide us with clues,  metaphoric … Read more

Dreams That Start With L

Label When you are labeling things in your dream it indicates that you require things in our life to be systematic and arranged in ways you want. A symbol that is connected to the identity; what was written on the label and the location becomes a metaphoric clue. Labor Everything in life requires some sort … Read more

Dreams Starting With B

Baboon Baboons are commonly known to either attack, chase or end up inside the home of the dreamer. They are social primates but are known for there dominating and aggressive tendencies. Because they live in the wild it help point towards your unconscious behaviors, primitive traits reflecting in a group, family or society. In-depth analysis … Read more