Dream of Horses

When horses emerge in your dream they represent the dreamer stamina, vitality, mobility, power and prestige. These magnificent animals symbolically can be traced as far back to 1700 BC, a powerful dream symbol that tells you something powerful resides within. Horses have been depicted in myths, legends, and popular culture for their sheer beauty and … Read more

Zebra Dreams

What does a zebra mean in your dream? The first question in mind when it comes to dreaming of animals is whether it is wild or not. When it comes to the Zebra we know that it dwells in the vast African landscapes and when it appears in your dreams it becomes unconscious to you. … Read more

Animus In Dreams: Connecting To Your Masculine Side

Could the men that occasionally appear in your dreams at night be connected to your animus? Maybe the man you keep encountering is not your soulmate, rather something much more complex and profound that resides within you – the indirect link relating to the relationship with your father. According to Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and … Read more

Bus Dream Meaning

One of the many convenient modes of transportation that people tend to use on a regular basis are buses. The word ‘Bus‘ is derived from Latin word ‘Omni bus‘, meaning ‘For all’. Unlike a car or motorbike, buses in your dream are distinct as it connects with community and your current movement. It has the ability … Read more

Shoe Dream Meaning

Over the years of analyzing my dreams I noticed my shoes appearing during specific times in my life. It wasn’t until later I realized the importance of this symbol I was ignoring for so long. I found out why shoes kept appearing during changes in my life. Shoes might come across as an insignificant detail … Read more