Dreaming of Dolphins

You have obviously come here to understand the porpoise of dreams! I will see myself out now. Dreaming Of Dolphins can be a very symbolic as they are considered a guide assisting you along your path. Dolphins are known for their playful behaviour, but in dreams they can be seen as powerful messengers that connect … Read more

Top 10 Dream Symbols And What They Mean

Millions of dreamers search the web everyday to find out what is the meaning behind the symbols that appear in their dreams. Due to the fact that most dream symbols remain unconscious to people sometimes it takes weeks, months, or years later to truly understand the meaning behind your dream. As if the unconscious mind … Read more

Crow Dreams

Some birds just have a bad reputation no matter what they do. Is your Superstitious beliefs making you paranoid because you had a dream of this black bird? The crow has had a bad reputation dating as far back with Greek mythology, commonly associated with Apollo, the god of prophecy. They are said to be … Read more

Dreaming of Seals

Dreaming of seals can be considered very symbolic when they emerge from the depths below. They bring our attention by exploring the unknown, bridging the gap between the conscious and unconscious. Unlike the Whale, Shark or Dolphins; seals have a unique ability to haul themselves out of the water and onto a preferred resting site. … Read more

Dreaming of Whales

Whenever whales submerge in your dreams consider yourself lucky as you have just received a very important message. The whale becomes a messenger that has been sent from the depths of your unconsciousness implying a major shift or transition will be taking place. This sacred mammal acts as a guide that brings wisdom to the … Read more