Meaning of Clouds

Often times when clouds emerge in your dreams they symbolize the mood of the dreamer. The appearance of the clouds, colors and the events that surround them can alter the meaning of your dream. These are symbols that can reflect feeling of melancholy or happiness and joy. Profound dreams often encompass a God inside the … Read more

Dreaming Of Angels

Are you dreaming of angels? Dreaming of angels are positive omens that represent wisdom, guidance, protection, purity and assurance. For some odd reason when angels appear in our dream they often come in the same way to each dreamer. They are known to fly in the sky, talking to you, protecting and even sing to … Read more

Rainbow Symbolism

Rainbows are powerful symbols that represent hope, good luck, new beginnings, happiness, equality, communication and peace. In the 20th century, the rainbow flag is a widely known symbol that is synonymous with the LGBT community or Gay Freedom Celebration. But this ancient symbol commonly spoken about in the Bible, mentioned in both folklore, mythology and … Read more

Dreaming of God

Whenever we encounter the image of God in our dreams we must approach this symbol very carefully as it contains multiple meaning for each individual. Dreams have a unique ability to send us messages, warnings or affirmations metaphorically by using symbols, themes and images. The image of God is a very profound symbol that connects … Read more

Lightning In Dreams

So why is lightning so symbolic in your dreams? Lightning in dreams contain both a negative and positive element or meaning. The bolt of lightning is symbol of sudden enlightenment, raw energy and power, which can be both positive or destructive. Lightning is a natural phenomena that metaphorically appears when both a positive and negative … Read more