Dreaming Of Angels

Are you dreaming of angels? Dreaming of angels are positive omens that represent wisdom, guidance, protection, purity and assurance. For some odd reason when angels appear in our dream they often come in the same way to each dreamer. They are known to fly in the sky, talking to you, protecting and even sing to … Read more

Dreams about Groceries

Groceries are symbolic in our dreams because the dreamer only enters these places when they are in search from something in their lives. But what exactly do you need to pick up that will benefit you in the future? Why you are dreaming of grocery stores? Since the grocery store contains the iconic symbol of … Read more

Mountain Lion Dreams

In our dreams LIONS are commonly known to represent strength, courage, assertiveness, and power. Mountain lions however symbolically contain similar attributes as its feline predecessor, but due to its geographic location, habitat and temperament it holds a deeper meaning. What do mountain lions mean in our dreams? Depending how the mountain lion approached you in … Read more

Geometric Shapes Dreams

The earliest recorded beginnings of Geometry was found in ancient Mesopotamia 3000 BCE or modern day Iraq that was comprised of obtuse triangles. For thousands of years geometric shapes such as Triangles, Circles, Squares, Spirals and Stars have been a major part of human religious symbolism.  In our dreams geometric shapes are considered highly symbolic due … Read more

Star Symbolism

When American astronomer Carl Sagan mentioned that “we’re made of star stuff,” he wasn’t being metaphoric or joking around. He was simply implying—in his uniquely precise and poetic way—that the raw materials that are comprised in our physical bodies were once all forged in the bellies of distant, long-extinguished stars. The star is a symbol that … Read more