What Is The Meaning Behind The Hamsa

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The palm shaped decoration called “Hamsa” can be seen all over the Middle East and North Africa, mainly used as decoration and jewerly. The sole purpose of this ancient emblem is to protect you from negative energy or people wishing harm against you. The person who holds this emblem close to them will be protected at all times.


The history of the Hamsa dates back to ancient Mesopotamia (Middle East) or modern day Iraq. This sacred symbol was considered to them the hand from God on this earth. This symbol played an active role in by making them feel the presence of God around them, as well protection from other negative forces. This symbol is commonly used within the Muslim, Jewish and Christian religions signifying the same purpose of protection, but have different meanings. Within the Jewish community this symbol is called the Hand of Miriam who is the Prophet Moses’ sister. Within the Muslim religion, this is the hand of Fatima or Khamsa. This main feminine figure of the hand could symbolize the Virgin Mary. Hamsa both means the letter Five in Arabic and Hebrew, hence the 5 fingers on the emblem. During the Mesopotamia period, women where under a lot of pressure from the communities to become mothers, as the sole purpose of the women was to have an active role in the child’s upbringing. The symbol was then used to encourage a positive healthy fertility and lactation. The Hamsa became a tool of protection to ward of unseen dangers, promote good health and evil energies around them.

Hamsa and Ancient Egypt:

According to the ancient Egyptian text, the Sky god, Horos, explains to his people they can never escape the eye of conscience. This eye will always be open, it sees all human activity. Horos has the ability to see by the sun and moon which are his eyes, complete vision that doesnt rest, from day and night. The Eye of Horus can also be translated to the Sun god Ra. Seth according to ancient Egyptian text, who represents ego and greed, tried to take out Horus’s eye so Horus offered his eye to his father Osiris.

Hamsa Hand Meaning:

This has also been said to represent the five books of the Torah: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Often these books are referred to by “The Five Books of Moses”. It can also be translated to “The Hand of Miriam”, Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aron. Moses was the one who led the Israelite’s out of Egypt, and Aron was anointed the first High Priest. Miriam was very well respected and had a very active role during that time. The story has it that Miriam power and strength had guided the Israelite’s to water during the 40 years of wondering in the desert to find the promise land.
The fish symbol on the Hamsa is also veered as good fortune. A fish lives in water and is immune to the bad energies of humans on earth. This would be the eye that protects one from the negative forces. The hand itself is said to be strength around the eye that moves away the evil.


Different Hamsa Hand Symbol:

Notice some Hamsa hands have two different styles of use. The first is like a regular hand, and the other has two symmetrical thumbs. You will oven see the hamsa with the two symmetrical thumbs as it is more popular. One can either use it facing down or up or hand from your business or house, for wealth and protection.


Does The Hamsa Work:

There has been no scientific proof that the Hamsa wards off evil, but some swear by it’s protection. The power of the mind has been a mystery ever since. Our intentions might have a part to play with how we feel we are being protected, we might just need something for it to work. The symbols inside and out of the hamsa also remind us not to worry because God will always be watching us no matter who does us wrong. Sort of like a reminder of metaphysical insurance of constant protection.

Our Thoughts:

With all the war in the Middle East, the hamsa is one of the common symbols shared between both Jews and Muslims.  The wearers are ones one both sides who want peace in the middle east and to represent we are all one at the end of the day.  I like to see this as a symbol everyone can use to show strength between very like minded cultures and people.  There is so much history in the Middle East be we focus too much on war and instilling fear in one another. This symbol can be of peace and similarity that has been forgotten for so many years. … I also have an issue with people who have Hamsa tattoos because it is a cool thing to do. It it printed on peoples skin without any knowledge other than it wards of evil for them. I am sure it is a great conversation starter as most unusual tattoos are, but this symbol should be on the ones who truly feel its real.  Fascinating symbols now a days are losing its meaning by the people who are promoting false believes just to be different.


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