Vivid Dreams

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Dreams are a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. We dream every night even though you may not remember your dreams in the morning. Vivid dreams usually occur during rapid eye movement (R.E.M) where the dreamer will most likely experience a nightmare or a lucid dream. They are both extremely detailed where the dreamer will remember every single detail for years as if it happened yesterday. Vivid dreams can happen randomly at anytime in ones life, though there are many contributing factors… that increase the probability of vivid dreams occurring.

Reasons For Vivid Dreams:

Medications:  In the last decade or so, “vivid dreams” have been shown as a side effect on many prescription medications. These are medications that are usually associated with the altering of the brain chemistry, such as some antidepressants. Smoking while using the patch has also been known to increase dream vividness and intense nightmares. Checking with your doctor about the prescription is advised as opposed to quitting cold turkey. Countless studies have show the link between high blood pressure pills and nightmares. These medications are known to help widen blood vessels, but they may cause an imbalance of certain brain chemicals.

P.T.S.D:  Post traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a horrific event – either experiencing it or witnessing it.  Thousands of people have recorded extremely vivid nightmares that wake them up in the middle of the night reliving that same experience. These vivid dreams occur when the person has not come to terms with dealing with the traumatic event and needs to seek a mental help professional.

A very common occurrence are the vividness of dreams while pregnant. The intensity of the dreams usually happen during the  last trimester, are often vivid and scary — and this is completely normal. Such dreams may be linked to unconscious fears of repressed thoughts about having a baby.  Dreams and the symbols in them are metaphoric in nature so you will have many vivid dreams of complications, unpreparedness and disasters.  During pregnancy there are also biological factors that play a role in vivid dreams. The altering of hormone levels and the need to sleep more and more is a recipe of intense dreams.  Dream analyst  Dr. G O’Shea says ” Up to Twenty to Thirty percent  of your sleep is in a dream state, and women who are pregnant are more likely to remember more of there dreams.”

Dream Recall:   For those who record their dreams in a journal have a higher chance of increasing the vividness in the dreams. The more you can remember during your REM, the better dream recall muscle builds to help you remember more and more the next time you sleep.  Waking up during certain periods of REM sleep better helps you with remembering your dream. REM happens in 4 stages every night during your sleep cycle. If you have altered your sleeping patterns such as staying up late, or even waking up earlier can increase the chance to remember.

Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s: Vivid dreams later on in life can also be a result in the brain degenerative disease called Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Lashing out, or feeling of being attacked in your dream might be the sign of an early onset. These dreams might appear 10 years before any other symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Drugs/Alcohol:  Weather if you are coming off drugs or taking drugs you are more likely to experience vivid dreams.  Sleeping while intoxicated you will have an increased chance of nightmare that tend to be very vivid in nature.

Stress:  Stress can be accounted for any worry caused by problems in your life, work, relationship etc. These are emotions that cause very strong feelings that might be repressed that present themselves in vivid dreams.

Lucid Dreams:… Lucid dreaming means dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. The state of lucid dreaming or “lucidity” sometimes starts at the beginning of a dream. The dreamer understands that the experience is not occurring in physical reality, but in ones dream. Often this understanding is noticed once one is either floating, flying or meeting a deceased relatives.  Many people have mastered the art of lucid dreaming and can tell you every single detail of the dream.

Recurring Dreams:  The main reason why recurring dreams are so vivid in nature for us to pay attention in close detail.  Many repressed feelings and events we ignore come out via our dreams that are repeated over and over. This happens when you are unable to recognize the problem in your walking life so they appear metaphorically via unconscious. The dreams will only stop once you are able to figure out the problem in your life.

Fever:   Our body temperature affects the way our brain works, and when under a fever it can alter our brain chemicals. During a fever during R.E.M you are more prone to waking hallucinations and vivid imagery as well as nightmares.


Types Of Vivid Dreams:

Forum Members:

“I always have extremely vivid dreams, to the point where they almost seem like memories of my life because I can remember every detail,every color, every smell, feeling and sound. The other day was no different and I dreamed that I was in an older house, Familiar but not mine or any one I know. It was like my ‘grandfathers’ house yet in this dream it was not. In my life I dont have a grandfather, nor have I ever grown up with ever having one. In this familiar house in my dream there was a room that has a feeling of being forbidden, like a ‘dont go in there’ feeling or ‘dont touch’ approach to it. In my dream I went in, my mother and also my partner was in there and the room was filled with musical instruments. A baby grand piano and a drum set are the two I can correctly remember. As I approached the instruments I had an over whelming sense of joy, a long lost childhood hobby coming back to me. An opportunity to play with these instruments that I don’t normally get, so I ‘played’ with them but each one had a fault. The piano keys where extra small and arranged incorrectly and the drum set was missing a stick. I remember an old man or an impression of one giving off the feeling like I shouldn’t be in there so my dream was cut short because I had to stop playing with them.
Its not the first time i’ve dreamed of music, and I can often create entire symphony’s in my dreams or songs etc. but can not ever remember the tune when I wake up. The dreaming of music is starting to bug me because I cant work out what the message is that is trying to come through or the meaning behind it”.

“Hi I’m 25, have baby and in married. Last night I had a very strange and vivid dream…i was back in high school and had a terrible headache so bad that I actually woke up for a couple minutes with an actual headache and then was able to go back to sleep and continue with my dream. I was accompanied by a make at all times…and it is weird because it/they were every guy I’ve ever been really close to except my husband…the last one was my ex and as we were conversing I noticed his trip front teeth getting darker and bigger. I had to exit the room to go with my daughter and notice that she also had a black tooth and it just feel off. As I went back to my room my ex had pulled out his tooth and pulled out a second one in front of me.. I quickly went to get my daughter and noticed that she had more black teeth and I began piling them out”.

“My dream began in a small oriental hotel, no, more like a hostel, but a very beautiful one, albeit slightly run down. The colors were all vivid reds, browns, and oranges. The floor was polished wood and the room was cosy. It was evening time and the sun was starting to go down. The landlady was a small Asian woman with grey hair. She was in her sixties or seventies. I was looking at her in the hall. I then appeared in a street, in something like an alleyway, with an arched, high roof made of sandy colored brick, and cloth of many different colors hanging from poles mounted in the brick, like a middle eastern market. I spoke to a person that I know, a girl, lets call her K, with fiery red hair. I have never had a relationship with her and we did not get on so well as children, or now for that matter (in real life). I told her ‘you’re so stuck up’. She replied ‘at least I have something to be stuck up about’ then turned her back and walked off into the hustle and bustle with her head held high, full of over confidence and pride. I then appeared in her hotel room (just across the street), where I met her landlady, also a small Asian woman, but this time, with black hair, who offered me to buy K’s blanket. It was white and brown and red with little black studs all placed evenly and squarely over it. I bought it and felt it was a very very good purchase. I somehow sensed that K would be madly over-angry about it however, even though it was just a blanket. I then appeared back in my own hotel room, with the blanket over my bed, and I looked closely at it. Each stud was a plastic cap which came off. I heard a voice in my head that said ‘I’m not sure how to get it open’, so I answered the voice with ‘I do’. I popped up the caps and under each one were anywhere from 4 — 10 clear diamonds. As I neared the last few caps, the diamonds got bigger and bigger in size, and there were blue ones, pink ones, red ones, purple ones. I had bought the blanket so I didn’t feel too bad about taking these items, though a little guilt remained, but I sensed that K would be coming after me to get them back. So when she was coming up the stairs (I sensed that she was), I quickly put all the plastic caps back on the blanket and put the majority of the diamonds in a pile at the foot of the bed, on the ground, where many of them fell through a hole in the floorboards. I placed the biggest red, ruby… colored… one in my shirt pocket, but somehow when I studied it it looked to perfectly shaped and vividly colored to be real. (The pocket was on the left side of my… chest), the shirt was black, then it turned dark green, then white. I also placed some other diamonds, smaller, harder, more real feeling ones in there but I can’t remember the colours. Then there was intense moment of feeling like I was being studied by every person on earth. Then I woke up.
The thing was, the Asian lady felt to me, inside, that… she was the same person each time, but in two different hotels/hostels. Like she was on my side the whole time.I think the smaller ones I put in were mostly white, with a purple one and a blue one, i think. Also, I did place one or two diamonds in a few of the holes in the blanket again”.



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