The Forgotten Dream Language

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Dreams and their symbols have been studied long before ancient times and continues to intrigues people still to this today. Ancient Greeks such as Aristotle and Plato developed the drive related hypothesis that was later expanded on by the European psychoanalysts of the 19th and 20th centuries. This hypothesis suggests that dream symbols are a way to act out our unconscious desires in a safe or “unreal” setting, presumably because to do so in reality would be unacceptable or even detrimental. Though for the average person dreams are classified as cognitive junk that filters out the past and present events. Most experts believe we dream to assist the body with rest, repair and rejuvenation.


Anybody who has entered in the world of the lost language would know its not just as simple as we may think. There are hidden messages, a symbolic language designed to communicate your inner wisdom/self to you while you are asleep. The part of your unconscious that processes by sending us messages, symbols and images. It then mirrors ideas or events in a visual language for us to interpret. Psychic and prophetic dreams appear, ancient symbols are passed down via our collective unconscious.  The dream world is big and full of life, you will be taking along a journey full of thrills, passion and darkness. Once you tune in and trust then you have a long lost friend trying to help guide you in your life.

In today’s modern society why should we care though? Why waste our time when everything is at our fingertips. You need clothes you go to a mall. If you are hungry just pick up fast food. If you are sick, just to the doctor and he will give you a happy pill to wash away all your worries.  There would never be a topical cure for an unexamined life.  Dreams have the ability to mock our hidden idiocracies that we are unable to see for our selves.  The symbols appear in our dreams as being chased by a masked man, or repetitive dreams that are not going away. These are hints giving to us to fix and not ignore. I find for the most part we would rather glue our eyes to our phones, T.V or the news to give us any sort of insight. The rate we are going we will never see the forest through the trees, we will just numb our brains with whatever new gadget hits the market. Though our species is in grave danger if we continue to follow the egos desires and ignoring our shadows. We do not think for our selves anymore, we let others think for us, as we know nothing below our own surface. Your unconscious mind is begging you to examine what you are ignoring. As Carl Jung said  said it the best “what you resist, persists”.  When you are ready to start your journey inward dreaming is one of the greatest tools we can use.

The biggest trouble with dreaming is within the first minute of waking we roughly lose around 90% of our dream recall. That means if we don’t try and remember the dream story then its all gone out the window. In order to remember our symbols you need to strengthen your dream muscle. We have such a busy schedule now that we dont even have time for our selves.  Its not so easy when the majority of the time we jump out of bed, shower, eat food and rush off to work. Worse yet when kids are involved, then your rest time is over. Some might remember is a small simple detail such as a car or a building. Most people say they cannot dream anyway so whats the point. How To Remember Your Dreams. Everybody has dreams its just you need to take time to remember by making a small effort

Dreams and the symbols in them give us insight to our soul, or shadows/darkness, future warnings and guidance. The true beauty of the symbols in our dreams is like a mute Zen master trying to show you the right way by not talking. You just need to use your other senses. Our symbols appear to be strange, like an upside down mirror reflecting metaphors at us. It is a puzzle you need to piece together. The more you know yourself the easier the message is to decode. Famous psychologist Carl Jung emphasized that we need to understand our psyche with the help of dreams, mythology and philosophy . Unfortunately many Scientists see the opposite of how the view dreams and nightmares. They put it down as just random, unrelated, meaningless information as a way for the brain to release the stresses of the day. They think it helps us adapt with events in your life. This is what the real danger is, we are just sheep going along with science, there is nothing more to us. If there is a time you where to question your existence of life, or you feel it is time to find the deeper meaning to your life then dreams are a good start. Start by recording your dreams is a good way to get to know more about yourself, your symbols help guide you like a light down a dark tunnel. You must want to tune in to the Million year old man that is waiting to give you advice. Maybe just ask him for him for help before you go to bed and see if an answer appears in the morning, We as humans have been giving the gift to dream and we just tuck it under the rug. In todays world we need to go back to the roots of what our ancestors did to find the hidden mystery deep within our psyche.

It is up to you to explore deep with in you by taking the red pill. Or you have the choice to ignore and be like everybody else taking the blue pill.

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