Meaning Of Elephants Dreams

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Elephant Symbolism:

Elephant implies on strength, power, family and patience. Within the Hindu religion the elephant is considered the God of good luck. Ganesha who is the elephant God has the power to break free of obstacles in its way, and the strength to endure any thing its path. In the Christian text the elephant has the status of temperance and chastity. The Chinese use this symbol happiness, longevity and good luck. In the Buddhist religion the white elephant considered a rare animal to imply the phenomenon of the Gods and reincarnation. A very positive symbol known with no negative consequences.

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Dreaming Of an Elephant:

The interpretation of an elephant holds different meanings depending on the context. They will appear in a metaphoric form and in order to decode it you must find out what an elephant means to you. Elephants have great memory, does this mean that something could be repressed in your unconsciousness.  Something might be trying to come to the surface, unconscious to conscious. This memory might mimic an elephants characteristic such a big and grey thought that is heavy weighing down on you.
Other meanings might be more spiritual.  An elephant has tremendous strength and power that nothing can intimidate its presence. Elephants are highly intelligent, wise and gentle at the same time. One of the biggest attributes they acquire is patience. Are you lacking this in your life? As one becomes more self aware an elephant might appear in your dreams to guide you to the right path.
It helps to understand if this dream is a positive or negative one. How did the elephant appear in your dream? Was it healthy or sad? Was it wild or tame? Was there any interaction with the elephant?

Elephant Characteristics Translated:

Understanding what an elephant traits is might help you understand more about yourself. Depending the context of your dream you might be able to connect any similarities in your life that mimic the elephant behavior. If the dream comes across as a negative dream that you are afraid of the elephant then maybe you like guidance, family or strength.

– Elephants can live to be over 70 years old and have the ability to jump.

– An elephant heart can weigh up to 40 pounds. Do you have a big heart?

– Elephants have a highly developed brain so it could imply your intelligence.

– An elephant’s skin is an inch thick. Could this mean you are thick skinned?

– Elephants have an incredible sense of smell.

– Elephants have the ability to cry, play, have incredible memories, and laugh.

– Elephants use their feet to listen, they can pick up vibrations of others.

– Elephants are highly sensitive and caring animals.  Remember no matter how big they are, they can still be scared by a small little mouse.

– Elephants have greeting ceremonies when a friend that has been away for some time returns to the group.


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