Dreams About Tornadoes

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Tornadoes are very powerful dream messages brought to the conscious via unconscious warning you of possible danger.  The language of dreams come across as metaphors, its never what it means but more of a play on words. In rare cases it might suggest you will be expecting an actual tornadoes.  In order to fully decode what a tornado signify, you must look at every angle and symbols. The definition of a tornado is classified as, localized, violently destructive windstorm occurring over land, and characterized by a long, funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground and made visible by condensation and debris. By this definition alone, in a metaphoric translation, this might suggest a possible internal or external force that will be destructive in your life.

Emotional Disturbances:

Tornadoes have the ability to wreck havoc in a town by destroying houses and businesses.  The damage is so severe that people end up losing their homes and livelihood.  In terms of dream symbols, a house is a very important symbol as it describes your psyche, who you are, what you have become.  Whenever we encounter a destructive force from the outside, either a tornado, hurricane or storm suggest an emotional upheaval.  This might be something that is not caused by you, but by other people around you. This tornado might be a threat to you as it has the ability to attack and destroy your home (psyche).


Another way of looking at this dream would be more of an internal symbol of self destruction. The unpredictability of a tornado forms fast and leaves quick. This might be a quick sudden change that will disrupt your path in life. This can be related to work, relationship or parts of your ego/self that might be in danger. Whatever event that might occur can leave you very defenseless as it is a force that cant be controlled.  You might not be able to control aspects in your life such as moods or a sudden change of emotions. These dreams are good indications that you might want to investigate your emotions and what destruction it causes.

Understanding The Tornado:

The meanings of dreams can switch entirely depending on the context of the dream. A tornado can be a tricky symbol that might not necessarily mean a negative translation. Sometimes a sudden change or a destructive force knocks over the old, so the new can start to rebuild. Understanding how you felt in your dream is how you will manage this upcoming problem. Where safe or vulnerable? What was the color of the tornado and who was with you? If you where hiding in your house what room where you in? The lower down you hide suggest areas of the unconscious you might be afraid to explore.  If you where caught in a tornado might suggest you are unable to get out or control aspects of your emotions. It has the power over you to do what it wants. If you where running away from it suggest an inability to face this emotional upheaval.


About Tornadoes:

Generally tornadoes form when hot air meets cold air. Basically warm air rises, but when the two fronts meet, the cold air can trap the warm air beneath it. Because the warm air cannot move upward, it begins to rotate. As the sun heats the ground, more warm air continues to rise, until finally the mass is strong enough to push through the cold air barrier. How it forms might be a metaphoric translation for trapped feelings and emotions that are now going to come to the surface. You need to be more aware of your emotions and what effects it might cause being unaware. This could very well mean that you are not ready to explore your shadows, or like Jung coined “shadow work”. This is all the repressed feelings that we hide deep in our unconscious and now the dream might be wanting it to come to the surface.

Surviving The Tornado:

There are positive aspects to this dream when you survive the destructive force.  You had the ability to protect yourself and now it is time to build anew. You would be able to endure this quick and powerful force that could have killed you.  These could be good symbols that you might have been able to over come or let go of your repressed feelings. These emotions come to the surface for you to be aware of its danger so you can handle it accordingly.

Quick Hints:

Increased level of stress
Inability to see a destructive from around you
Anger and emotional upheaval
Mood or emotional fluctuation
Break ups or ending of what used to be
Fears of losing protection
Knock down the old so new can rebuild
Repressed unconscious shadows.


Take into consideration  the aftermath of a tornado when it is gone.  It has the ability to destroy anything in its path and that means anything that might be associated with you.  A need to rebuild after the damage. Sometimes this can be a positive symbol as you might be building the new.

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