Death Dreams

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Death Dreams:

Dying dreams are quite common dreams that hold a very important message that one shouldn’t overlook.  Most people wake up from these surreal dream panicking feeling that their days are numbered.  Try not to freak out because death dreams usually translate to a positive message as opposed to a negative one.  Though some death dreams can also have a bad connotation to it. Find out below what death/dying dream mean, and what to look out for when we have them.

Positive Symbols of Death:

Whenever you have experienced yourself dead in your dream it could suggest the old part of you is dying off and time for change. Death dreams appear when a drastic change has occurred via unconscious to conscious. This isn’t something that one might be able to pick up on right away but more of something that in months time you see a change. If the old part of you is dead, than there you must have a new lease on life metaphorically speaking. Examples of a drastic change could be anything from a new job, attitude, health or even relationship that was toxic. The dream symbol might appear as you watching yourself dead in a coffin or watching other people morn your death.
Depending the context of the dream, death can switch to another friend, partner or loved one. Whenever you dream of the death of someone close to you it could imply a deep eternal change with that person, or you may want to kill off the past with them. Understanding your location and mood can also help decode the dream much easier.


Negative Symbols of Death:

If the dreamer has deep rooted fears of death, then dying might be displayed via the unconscious. Also if the dreamer encounters a dead body in the dream, then it has to be translated differently. A dead body might suggest a dead weight you might be… carrying around, or trying to bury in you life. If you are trying to get rid of the body then you might be covering up something in your life that you don’t want people to see.
In this case a dead body cannot be overlooked because you might be carrying around something that is bad for you. This might have to do with issues at… work, in a bad relationship or family troubles?

Killing Death Dreams:

Dreaming of Killing someone might suggest and end to a relationship, cutting off. How and where on the body you killed the person would be an indication of a message conveyed. If you stab the person in the heart to kill them suggest you may want to break up or you might be hurting them emotionally.
Often dreams of teenagers killing their parents suggest them becoming adults. Teenagers are developing from and old stage to a new one and will no longer be needing Mom and Dad so killing them imply s maturing process. Time to be a man or women, no need to be babied. The parent would represents old authority.

Death Of Your Child:

These horrific dreams would have any parent in a mess in the morning. Most of these dreams have a connection to the stage of life your kid is at.  Your children go from toddlers, teenager to full grown adults. Possible in any of these stages you might see the death of the old them and now its on to a new stage for you.  If you child is being murdered might suggest how you perceive outside threats in his or her life. Do you fear that your child will lose his innocence or go down the wrong path?

Death Dreams Hints:

Dying or death of the old habits that where not good
Death of the self or aspects of the self
Precognition of death of a loved one
Dead weight that is no longer needed
Trying to cover up something, buried parts of your personality

Fun Fact:

Did you know Abraham Lincoln had a dream that predicted his own death. Abraham Lincoln was very fascinated with his own meaning of his dreams and knew it had some knowledge of the future, both good and bad. There is actual proof of his curiosity that lies in a 1863 letter to his wife. The letter writes “put tad’s pistol away” as he recalled having a bad dream about him. Lincoln recalled in the dream about asking a soldier standing guard “Who is dead in the White House?” to which the soldier replied, “the President. He was killed by an assassin.” The dream took place on April 11, he told Lamon that the dream had “strangely annoyed” him ever since. Ten days after having the dream, Lincoln was shot dead by an assassin while attending the theater.

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