Car Dreams

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Driving in cars are a fairly common dream symbols that holds major significance to the dreamer once translated.  Most people who dream of cars would either be driving, in the passenger seat, or possibly not in motion.  Depending the context of the dream the meaning of what the “car” represents can change instantly.  The reason why being in a car holds such significance because it has to do with your current path in life.  Most people who would remember the dream can always recall the description of the road.  The reason is a road can determine what might be up ahead in the distance for you, or what you are currently facing.  If the road is smooth, clear and straight is a positive sign as opposed to a bumpy curvy road.  Our dreams come across as a metaphor and in order to decode it you will have to look at the obvious signs.

Positive Car Dreams:

Positive dreams symbols of a car would be you driving on a clear path. This shows you are in control of your direction and path at your own pace.  Anytime when we are in a car that is not driven by you might suggest the person driving might have control of your direction in some aspect in your life.  If your car is parked it suggests that you might not be ready to move at this moment. It your car is around your driveway, might be a play on words with your own personal drive.  Did you have a new car or where you driving fast and having fun. These dreams occur when you might be heading on a new path in life and will have fun.

Negative Car Dreams:

A car crash is usually a negative dream symbol where the dreamer might be facing trouble in their walking life. This could be any sudden change or set back in your direction at work, relationships or family.  Having your car towed might imply a sudden set back that will stop you from advancing quicker.  Unable to start your car suggest an inability to get the ball rolling in your life.  If you are having trouble finding the key then you might need to observe “key” aspects of why you are not moving in your walking life. If your car is overheating it might suggest that you are working too hard and you will be burned out soon.  A stolen car will indicate a set back in your life as you might feel a part of you is being taken away. You might lose what once belonged to you. If you where able to recover could suggest you will overcome that issue. If your car crashes it donates to an emotional crash or disturbance in your walking life. Crashes are setbacks or even possible damage done to your persona.  If you are driving and running away from the police it suggests you are running away from authority figures in your life.  The police act at enforcers, possible a shadow archetype.  If you are lost in your car and trying to find home translates to you not being able to find your path in life and are looking from comfort.  Some people dream of damage done in and around the car. A common symbol would be if the tires where flat or damaged that suggest a slow down in your own personal drive.  A possible metaphor for being too tire-d and a need to slow down.

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