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Author Topic: Confused..
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Post Confused..
on: November 16, 2016, 02:04

I'm new to this, but I had an experience last night that I'm fairly sure wasn't just a dream as i remember so much in detail..

I can't remember the lead up, but I do remember coming to consciousness with a start (and a scream) and seeing a woman in my room by the side of my bed. I remember saying out loud "You're hurt? why didn't you say something?!" I don't remember hearing a response but I do remember having more of a feeling of concern for her than being afraid or intimidated. It was only when I turned on the light and spun around that I realised there was no one there.

I remember what she was wearing, right down to the fact that her blouse was collard and she had a red tie or scarf (possibly like a flight attendant) on. I only remember focusing on the top half because her face was badly injured. She didn't say anything and wasn't intimidating but she was staring at my wall with a look of terror and was wringing her hands together.

I walked out of my room straight after, thinking i was just having a nightmare or sleepwalking and my brother came out of his room. He told me it had sounded like i was having a conversation with someone and asked if i was dreaming about woods? He also thought i was greeting my three cats with "hello" at one point. I explained to him what happened and voiced that I thought she was a real estate agent (it's now a few hours later and i have no idea why i thought to voice that bit of information or where it came from"

i don't know if this is all due to an overactive imagination or in fact i was visited by someone needing help/answers.. This isn't the first time i have felt someone visiting me but the last few times they have just been a black cloud with no distinguishing features.

can anyone help??

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Post Re: Confused..
on: March 11, 2017, 09:09

It could be just a have to follow your instinct on that. Perhaps it is someone that lived in the house or apartment prior and worked as a flight attendant. The fact you do not feel a negative presence or threatened why not make yourself open to what it might be...a dream or more? Be open to seeing it again and maybe it will bring clarity.

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