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Author Topic: Recurring nightmares.
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Post Recurring nightmares.
on: October 30, 2012, 10:28

This last week I've had a similar nightmare. I can't say they're the same, but it seems as if one is a continuation of the other -with all the same elements, people and starting exactly where I woke from the other.

The nightmares take place at my school, in my dormitory which for some reason is now connected to a mountain which hosts an asylum like place. Except sports tournaments and classes are held here - even a haircutters!

I remember the haircutters well, because I've chopped my hair off there twice, once for each time I've "been" there.

I leave, encounter an insane man who's being escourted back to his room or (in the second dream) I fall from a ladder, the only way down to the ground floor.

The next scene takes me immediately to my dorm room. It's identical in all ways, to the mess on the desk to the parties on the same floor. This part I believe stems from my own discomfort with the room in real life. The entire place feels off to me everyday and I hate it.

But in my dream there's a doll. There's nothing particularly scary about the doll, it has no face, appearing to be made of a stitched up piece of hosiery stuffed with something rock hard. The darn little thing has a six pack and it feels hard. Physically it's easy to pick up, but it's so hard I thought it would be heavy.

The thing always feels like it's watching me. Even outside the dorm - it's always there.

I try to get rid of the doll in each dream. The first I burn it - it doesn't burn and I scream and wake up.

The second dream I try to pass it on to someone I know. (People from past and present appear in these dreams). But when I open my door, someone shoves through it.

A man, dressed identical to the doll. He sees my face, laughs, and reveals a group of people passing by for a party on the floor.

Naturally, I'm terrifed. I throw the doll to someone I know in this man's group, I tell him to keep it. Maybe he'd like it?

I don't know why him - I have no ill will for this person, he was just there.

But I close the door, let out an uneasy laugh, turn around and there it is.

The doll's sitting on my desk, just staring with no eyes.

And then I wake.

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Post Re: Recurring nightmares.
on: October 31, 2012, 15:41

"I fall from a ladder, the only way down to the ground floor.". What you said there in your dream indicates not being able to advance in some part of your life. The ground floor suggest starting from the beginning.
Many people will have negative dreams about dolls… even nightmares… when they have negative events in their daily life. Due to the fact that there is a doll present in the dream, these negative events either involve a child OR childishness.
In yet another example of doll dreams, we often symbolize someone’s actions (or even our own!) through symbolism in our dreams. If we think someone is acting childish, we’ll find child-like symbols in our dreams – such as dolls. Even if we’re the one who has been acting childish!

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