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Author Topic: Brother in Law is the killer...
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Post Brother in Law is the killer...
on: October 23, 2012, 14:36

So all I can remember is that my sister disappears and i'm left with Joe and Nana and I somehow find out that she been kidnapped and I find out where she's at. Me and my boyfriend are taking care of Joe and Nana. I go inside this house where she's at and I tell the guys in there where's my sister. They say "tied to the bed and paddled up" and I go to this back room and the Guy asks me "do u wanna play" I just go over to him and say give me my sister and he doesn't say or do anything and the other guys walk in and I grab this knife and shove in the guys stomach standing in front of me and I cut him from his stomach to his neck. I don't remember what I did with the other guys I think I beat them up. I go searching in every room and all I see are empty beds with ropes.I see a bed full of my sisters clothes so i grabbed them and took them to my boyfriend out in the car and I go back inside and there's more guys so i'm trying to keep quiet in the dark and i'm walking threw every room looking for my sister but I can't find her so I sneak back outside and we leave. Then we go to a store and I tell the kids stay by me don't split up. And at first we thought we lost Joe and i'm screaming for him and he shows up around the corner and at the same time he comes back Nana is gone. We're calling for he and looking and looking then Joe disappears then around the corner comes Black with a baby in a basket. And he says something but it lets me know he's the one who's taken my sister and the kids. I tell him where are they! And he said They're gone.And I asked Black why would u kill Ur whole family, Ur kids he said I never liked my kids And there's this other Guy that's been helping him and he starts walking up behind me and just stands there. And Black says its was so much fun to see Ur sister tied up. At that point I lost it, I walked up to him I punched him and the other Guy gets into it and i beat them up and the Guy runs off. I stab Black and kill him and chase after the other Guy and I pour hair dye into his throat and he dies then i stab him and cut him open. I go outside and there's this fat Guy and I ask him what do u do for fun. And he said I take people to my apartment and torture and rape them then i kill them. His friend was sitting at a table and they were all laughing and having a good time about what he said. There was this jackhammer in front of me and i tell the fat Guy. I want u to think Really hard about that. While he was thinking I grabbed the Jack hammer swung it at the Guy at the table and the jackhammer was on and it ate right through him. And I grabbed the cord and wrapped it around the fat guys neck and killed them both. So in the end I found out it was Black and his friends that killed my sister, Joe and Nana but I avenged them and killed them all. But yea that's my dream.

The people in my dream:
My sister
Joe -> oldest nephew, whom i'm very close with, my sisters oldest son
Nana -> only niece, my sisters only daughter
Black -> my brother law, my sisters husband but they're separated.
Me -> my sisters sister, the kids aunt, and the sister in law of black.
the random guys mentioned in the dream were blacks friends that my mind had made up.
my boyfriend-> my boyfriend I've been with for almost a year (right now we are 11 months and like 2 or 3 weeks together)

some one help me understand what this dream means, and why i had it!

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