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Author Topic: Death Eaters trying to kill me
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Post Death Eaters trying to kill me
on: March 29, 2016, 03:18

I wanna preface this by saying i very clearly remember most of the details of this dream and will convey them to the best of my abilities, but it was always extremly disjointed so just try to follow along. the dream starts in my home with myself my mother and my sister being hunted by deatheaters (harry potter villians) for reasons that are never explained. we have no way of fighting off our attackers and our only defense is a secret passage/vault area of our home located beneth our patio, that is accessed by typing a combination into a lock (god save the king) and placing the lock back where it was originally moved from. now for the sake of detail i wanna describe this vault this is basically a list of details i recall nut cant quite place how they came to be, enter the vault one climbs through the hole in the ground that the lock opens (once the correct combo is entered) and down a ladder to an open space,

2. directly in front is a office behind a pane of glass, in the office is a desk, behind which is a window with closed shutters.

3. on the adjacent wall to the right is a huge glass window which makes up the expanse of said wall, the left is a tunnel which if followed will lead to a shear 90 ft drop (aproximation) into what appears to be a new york city street one point it is revealed that the creator of the vault is located on my home in fl is ben affleck a vault only very recently discovered by me and my family, but i digress

back to the main dream. so me and my family are trying and failing multiple times to escape from the deatheaters as they are always able to chase us down into the vault, i never find out what happens when caught however as the dream simply resets and i'm being chased again, this all culminates with me being chased one final time as i follow the tunnel in the vault discovering the drop for the first time and i opt to jump as the city is flooded and i assume this will break my fall luckily it does and i am for the first time able to escape. at this point the dream resets again however unlike previously this reset is followed by many succesful escape attempts, the deatheaters keep coming and my family and we keep hiding in the vault. after awhile of doing this same routine without anything notable we are being chased by deatheaters yadi yada escape into the vault but this time we find ben affleck, this doesnt shock us of course as there is nothing weird with ben affleck just being in the vault. we argue for a while about what to do about the deatheaters should we try to fight? keep running? until finally i yell at ben affleck who has a gun (picture a laser canon standing on a tripod) and i ask why he doesnt use it to fight back? now this is where the dream gets weird. he says if i wanna fight back i need my own gun so he takes me and my family up the ladder and out of the vault. at this point the locale has changed again at this point to a grassy field also the deatheaters are now a militant police force led by miranda bailey from grey's anatomy. so ben takes me and my family to a greenhouse in his mech that he just has apparently and tells me to use his gun to shoot another gun so i can capture it because the guns are cattle in nature essentially. i use ben's gun to shoot another gun and this sets off an alarm however instead of running back to the vault like literally everyother time ben comes up with a brilliant plan that i distract the guests at the dinner that we just suddenly materilized at by busing their tables while singing songs from aladdin by the way i have now transformed from an 18 year old guy into a 12 yr old princess jasmine, and my disguise is putting my hair up. so i follow through with the plan unfortunatly it all goes to shit once my hair comes undone and im recognized the coustomers than start throwing food at us and we run back to the mech like we should have done orignially and thats where the dream just ends the very last thing that happens is us riding off into the sunset in a mech with ben affleck indistiguishly squabbling so ya thats basically it i hope this is cohesive i really tried to make it so i just spent like 2 hours trabscribing the dream as best i could i know its really weird but i hope its at least enjoyable so ya thanks

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