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Author Topic: First Nightmare About Death in Nearly a Year
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Post First Nightmare About Death in Nearly a Year
on: December 29, 2016, 04:49

I don't recall having too many dreams (or nightmares) which I can easily recall like the one earlier tonight. It's a stretch to truly call it a "nightmare" but it did eventually wake me up.

Here's what I remember;

Well....It started off with almost like an overhead view of a city and then it cut to a small town. Well in the small town one major thing that stood out to me was the lack of hospitals and cemeteries. Right on the outskirts was a rundown eeire looking building with a faint red light coming from the window. This strange building looked alot like a hospital, but it was in such bad shape that it's hard to say for certain. I only got to see the town and the people living there for a few minutes but I noticed they were all young, like under 30 years old. Suddenly I was in the first person view of someone who was stabbed right outside of a bar late at night. As he (me) was bleeding out, the creepy building came into view before everything went black.

When he woke up, the man was still bleed profusely from his wound but it wasn't killing him anymore.
He was sitting in a large black leather chair in an empty room bathed in a red light. He Didn't say a word even as the demon came out of the darkness to let him know that he was going to die (I don't recall exactly what the demon looked like but it was very obviously one). "People around here don't live very long anyways, they always end up here. I'll take your soul and allow you to continue your life with the others." The picture went black again and the last thing I saw was a guy dressed in a grey suit walking down the sidewalk of a busy street in one of the most beautiful cities I remember dreaming about.

This dream woke me up shortly after this and only puzzled me as I generally don't remember my dreams apart from rare circumstances.

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Post Re: First Nightmare About Death in Nearly a Year
on: December 29, 2016, 21:54

Can you tell me what are your views on death? At the moment are you experiencing any internal change? To me it seem as if you might want to rest something dead (cemetery), and wanting to fix it (hospitals). You noticed in the dream that those two where lacking. What could be lacking in your life that mimic those two symbols? Can you tell me where exactly the man was stabbed? Do you drink alcohol?

In the dream you mentioned "as the demon came out of the darkness to let him know that he was going to die". Do you think this could be a metaphor for your hidden darkness/shadows that your unconscious wants you to make conscious? Could the guy in the grey suit refer to your work and the color is self explanatory? I do think despite the dream being a nightmare I do think that in the future it would be positive to you once you can decode the meaning.

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