Test Dreams

Test or Exam Dreams seem to be more common than we thought.  At least 1 in every 5 people will experience a test dream in their lives.  Dreams of this nature are generally linked to young adults or kids in high school who are under stress.  It is not uncommon for adults late in their life to dream of taking a test or exam.

These dreams are usually recurring and will keep resurfacing until the dreamer has figured out an issue  in their waking life.  It really doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, test and exam dreams all stem from the same issue.

Why Do We Get Test Dreams?

Test dreams can be so real that we actually wake up convinced we just failed an important test.  The good news is that it was just a dream, the bad news is it might happen again.  So why do we get these dreams?  Basically test dreams are a reflection on the individuals lack of confidence and inability to advance to the next stage in life.  These are mirror dreams that has everything to do with the dreamer and not anybody else.  Keep a dream journal on hand to better understand your your test and exam dream.  Recording your test dreams and the mental state that you are in will help you solve this dream.  We are more prone to these dreams during stressful periods in our lives.  What will cause this dream from happening?  Below are issues that people face in life that can result in a dreadful Test or Exam dream.

*Procrastinating at something that needs to be done
*Afraid to advance to the next step
*A fear of being left behind
*Feeling alone and scared
*You feel stupid
*Not being prepared
*Self-esteem issues
* A lack of motivation
* You are feeling examined by people or examining yourself too hard
* Don’t want to be stuck or left behind
*Failure to conform

Studies have shown that your confidence level has a lot to do with your test dream.  Regardless if your at home or work, if you are lacking confidence in yourself moving to the next stage can be quite hard.  It is quite possible depending your situation your test dream can just mean a test dream.  If any of these points in your mind stick out you should now figure out a way to stop it from continuing.

Test Dreams

Common Test Dream Scenarios:

Every dream is different from one person to the next.  Though test dreams for some reason seem to have the same settings no matter the person.  Not completing the exam or test is Below we listed some familiar test settings and what they mean.

Running Out of Time:

This is the test dream where you only have 5 minutes to complete the exam and you have nothing written down on the paper.
Dream Translation – You left something to the last minute and is coming to bite you in the butt.

No Pen or Pencil:

Not having a pen or pencil during an exam is an awful feeling that leaves you in cold sweats.  The dreams doesnt seem to end but the time for the exam is coming to an end.
Dream Translation –  Unprepared for future events.

No Speak Americano:

Believe it or not but most of our test or exam dreams come in other languages.  This can be quite a scary situation knowing right then and there your going to fail miserably.
Dream Translation – Totally lacking behind in life.

Where is my Seat?:

Here is another dream where we panic.  You arrive in the class and all the seats are taken.  Where are you going to sit?  I am going to fail!
Dream Translation –  lacking confidence in life, need to be more assertive to get what you want.

Oh No I’m Late!:

This is another test dream that is horrible.  We usually arrive in the classroom while the exam is going on.  You rush to your seat scared.
Dream Translation –  You feeling left behind and not organised

No matter what test or exam dream we get we usually wake up confused and uneasy.  Once you realise it was just a dream you have a sense of relief.  This is not something you should overlook because your unconscious is trying to tell you something.  Remembering the dream is the first step the second step is how to stop it from happening.

Test Dream Recap

As stated above finding out your own internal issues is the first step before you tackle your dream.  Test dreams can happen as often as once a week depending on how serious an issue is effecting you.  Overlooking your exam dream will only prolong it from happening again.  If you are unable to come up with reasons on why you are getting test dreams here are some more possibilities below.

– Setting your goals too high
– Afraid of failing
– Unable to handle yourself under pressure
– Worried what people think of you
– Afraid of the future and if your on the right track
– Not being good enough
– Stressed out or feeling anxious in life

Test dreams usually take a bit more digging to get to the root of the issue than other common dreams.  In order to fully understand your dream you have to understand your current situation.

Exam Dreams Benefits:

You don’t necessarily have to be alarmed when you experience a dream like this because they are all relative to the current situation that’s plaguing you right now.  Test dreams all boil down to the stress we have in our walking life.  Pinpointing the problem can be done by using your dreams.  All of our problems are obstacles that we must overcome.  Use your unconscious mind as an invisible guide that gives you hidden messages in metaphors.